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Here You have some other interesting pages about Triumph.

TR Register The British TR Club
The Red Rose Group of TR Register  A group based in the North West of Britain
The TR Register South Downs Group  A South Downs Group of the Register
Scions Of Lucas The British Cars World Wide Web Links to other pages with British Cars
Triumph BBS Triumph Bulletin Board, by Mike Plumstead
BRMMBRMM.COM Local TR Register Groups on the net ( and some others too)
K & R Replicas A comany producing scale model cars of the most popular Triumph cars.

The Vintage Triumph Register Info about all Triumph Models, manuals
The Triumph TR6 Engine Guidelines A private page, Mark Bradakis
Wolf River Triumph Triumph Club in Tennessee USA devoted for TR 6 och TR 250
The Temple of Triumph Triumph Club in Florida
6 Pack A club devoted to TR 250 och TR 6
TR7 and TR8 What you need about TR 7 and TR 8
Buckeye Triumph En USA klubb med mycket teknisk infp på hemsidan

TR Register of Australia TR Register of Australia
Triumph Sport Owners Association Triumph Sport Car Club in Australia

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TR Register of New Zealand TR Register of New Zealand

TR Register Deutschland e.V. TR-Register, Germany
Triumph I.G.Südwest e.V. TR club in Germany. Most members around Frankfurt.
TR Classic Club for all Triumphs
A nice page with a lot of folders.

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TR Club Holland TR Club Holland 
Club Triumph Holland Club Triumph Holland

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TR Register Belgium

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TR-Register Austria

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TR Club Schweitz  TR Club in Switzerland   

Triumph Club de France/

TR Register Italy

TR Register Norway 

Triumph Club of Sweden Club for all types of Triumph Cars
MHRF Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet, Takes care of the insurance for you Classic car.

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TR Club DK The Danish TR Club

Triumph Cars Club of Finland The Triumph club of Finlandia.nyttl.gif (865 bytes)