logotrclubl.gif (1676 bytes) Some nice Pictures

You will find a lot more pictures on the Swedish webpage

UK flag

A nice TR2

 A nice TR3A in orginal paint owned by Sven Larsson

A TR4A owned by Lars-┼ke Magnusson

A TR5 owned by Ulf Fabiansson

TR6 -69 owned by Bengt NylÚn (Webmasters TR6. I can┤t deny myself
from publishing my car)

Do you want to hear my TR6 accelerate, click on mp3-format . Suggested volume setting = loud.
Do you want to see some Hillclimbing. Click on this file mpeg-fil. You must have a fast access. This file is 2,3 Mb.
If it┤s not work. Download the file to your PC and play it from the PC.

 A TR3B. One of three in Sweden. From 1962.


TR7 1980.

Original TR8 owned by Lasse Bj÷rnhov. One of 5 in Sweden.

Starting a TR6 by Robert Coucher: "You turn the key. BUZZZ! A veritable hornet┤s nest erupts behind your left ear as the truculent fuel pump swarms into action. This annoyance is immediately overruled by the glorious mellifluous rumble of six big cylinders leaping into action. That┤s it. The sound is a war cry that touches every car enthusiast┤s soul. Everything else about the car is secondary. Fit, finish, colour is irrelevant. Like a vampire feels eye teeth sprouting in the moonlight, you feel yourself tingling as the sound ripples goose bumps over your body. And the car hasn┤t even moved off the mark yet!!"